Cameron Bocanegra

Writer, Poet, Austinite

United States



PLACE Magazine Issue 2, Spring 2023

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Peatsmoke Journal

Fiction / Poetry

hex literary
The End

Through the window, I observe the man from the jackets of my overdue library books. He broods in a cafe booth. A bell jingles as I walk inside. He glances at me idly. I proceed to his corner and shove a firm hand forward. He hesitates, wets his lips with his tongue, and says, “I don’t shake.”

My Condolences

Dear Mrs. Rivera, I don't know anything that may give your search a lead or a forensic team a clue. Nicole and I met in college. Between our shared part-time jobs, we swam in the local lake after sunset, where she swore that she could walk on water.

The Dillydoun Review
Flowers for Houdini

On a cool Wednesday night, the youngest girl says she wants to do magic tricks like Houdini. The next morning, after their parents leave for work and before the babysitter with the lazy eye arrives, her older sisters sneak into the sleeping girl's bedroom.

Saw Palm: florida literature and art
The Chicken That Lived

I wake up to Mama saying Baby’s crying woke her after I laid him down to sleep last night. She and the housekeeper tighten the sheets and roll me to the center of the bed. Mama leans over and lays her palm against my cheek, leaving an oily stain of melted animal fat. She runs a finger from my widow's peak, over the subtle unibrow, and across the fuzzy bow of my lip, finishing at the mole she also wears on her chin...

The Dillydoun Review

I wonder what we must look like from the skylight above the foyer: two families forming a ring around me, the pupil of a blonde eye.


Focus Magazine
The Greek American Dream

It is a sunny afternoon in Greece by the time 3-month-old and first-generation Wacoan Kalliroi Kelly-Lentis wakes in her crib. She has her father's blue eyes, with a tint of gold from her mother. The most American thing about her is her grandmother's blood and the colorful bibs with English catchphrases.

Focus Magazine
November 29, 2017
Me & Her

Getting sick is supposed to come in waves. You wake up with a stuffy nose and the next day, a scratchy throat. It is supposed to be subtle.

Focus Magazine
November 29, 2017
Dying to Survive

Story by Cameron Bocanegra | Photo by Aadil Shelkh Jazz Johnson did his homework in a doctor's office and called it a childhood. He lived in a nice neighborhood filled with cleanly cut lawns, attended a private school and played basketball while his father worked as an orthopedic surgeon and his mother played her part as a good wife and mother.

School of Education | Baylor University
Alumni Profile: Kathy Wigtil

They sleep a few nights at their friend’s house, then a week at their aunt’s. And then they still have to figure out whose couch they will be on next. Students who experience homelessness are 87 percent more likely to drop out of school and 4.5 times more likely to become homeless adults.

School of Education | Baylor University
Alumni Profile: Andrea Toledo

It’s 2002, and Andrea Toledo is six years old. She doesn’t know English yet. She is supposed to be in the midst of kindergarten, but she is in the back of a car her parents just bought in Miami, Florida, and driving straight to Austin, Texas. Her family’s life is moving fast and farther away from their home in Caracas, Venezuela, but there is talk of going back after her father completes his master’s degree in theology in the U.S.

School of Education | Baylor University
Let Freedom Ring

Laughter and chatter echoed through the campus of Indian Spring Middle School, where students were eagerly reading and discussing books. They hunched over paperbacks that sparked their interest, learning about inspiring people of color who succeeded despite stigmas.


Instant Impact | News from Baylor SOE
Baylor Professors Take Over Authorship of Popular McGraw-Hill Series

For 35 years, the popular McGraw-Hill historical text series Taking Sides: Clashing Views in U.S. History has been edited and authored by former history professors. Now the baton has been passed to Baylor School of Education faculty Dr. Tony L. Talbert and Dr. Kevin R. Magill.

Instant Impact | News from Baylor SOE
SOE's Sport Management Grads Contributing to Elite Baylor Basketball Programs

Four graduates of the Baylor Sport Management master's program are making significant contributions to two of the nation's elite basketball programs, and they've done so without leaving campus. Right here at Baylor, these graduates were a part of NCAA Tournament runs for both the women's and men's basketball teams, and helped the Lady Bears achieve a No.

Baylor Lariat
White males are more emotionally connected to guns, Baylor study shows

A recent nationally represented survey done in Baylor's sociology department revealed that white male gun owners who have struggled economically are most emotionally connected to their guns. The survey is published in the journal Social Problems and was conducted by the Gallup Organization in 2014, reaching 1,572 people in the United States.

Media and Public Relations | Baylor University
June 17, 2019
Baylor Students, Faculty Create Greenhouse, Outdoor Learning Space at Local Elementary School

WACO, Texas - During its regular quarterly meeting, the Baylor University Board of Regents celebrated the University reaching Research 1 status and eclipsing the $1.1 billion goal of the Give Light philanthropic campaign, received an update on the Paul and Alejandra Foster Pavilion and participated in a discussion about Baylor's holistic approach to student success.

Baylor Lariat
Student speaks out about sexual assault at Texas Tribune Festival

Mansfield senior Sierra Smith participated as a keynote speaker on the sexual assault panel at the Texas Tribune Festival over the weekend. She spoke on recent Title IX changes and her advocacy of a bill that would require state colleges and universities that receive public funding to mark the transcripts of students suspended or expelled even after they have transferred.